My journey began almost three decades ago when at 13 years old I got diagnosed with body dysmorphia and anxiety whilst at Tewkesbury secondary school.

I hated my appearance so much and my brain was causing me to see things in a way that was not true.  As time went on I went on to develop obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessing about bacteria became my biggest problem.

Even though I was unwell at 18 years of age, after gaining A levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics I went to the University of Sussex to study for an Honours degree in Biochemistry.  Science has always been my passion and still is today, I just combine it with energy therapies these days because I feel that the most effective treatment occurs where the two meet.

University years was a very challenging time for me.  Sussex is a beautiful place to live but when you feel mentally unwell it’s a very daunting place to be. My days consisted of just getting through from one day to the next. But I made it through and graduated in 1998.

It was time now for me to venture out in to the big wide world and this is when things started to fall apart.   The rigid routine of work soon broke me and I ended up in hospital after suffering what you would call a mental breakdown.  I got diagnosed with a whole malady of conditions. The mental health service have a habit of placing one diagnosis on top of another so that you don’t really have a clue what you have and have not got.

I was given many diagnosis from post traumatic stress disorder, depression to generalised anxiety disorder and body dysmorphia.

Everyday was hard because I never knew if I was unwell or over medicated.

Although life was tough I went on to have two beautiful children.  I did hope at this time that my life would level out but it didn’t.

When my children were 1 and 2.5 years old I went down with fibromyalgia, my body and mind could no longer cope with all the pressure that I was being put under.

I continued looking after my children and studying for a psychology degree but eventually I got completely floored when I could no longer do anything and was diagnosed with M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and fractured joints in my spine as well in 2007.

The pain in my joints, muscles and back was unbearable, the doctors wanted to put me on morphine to cope with the pain but I was already on copious amounts of other pain killers, antidepressants, and nerve stabilising medication.

It was at this point that I decided to push all the medical labels I’d been given aside.  They were just words to me.  What I focused on was symptoms.  Symptoms were things going on in my body that I needed to treat and manage.  By doing this I began to recover for the first time in a very long time.  I found that when you are given a medical label that you start to conform to that label.  The label is helpful for medical assessments and benefit forms but apart from that to me they got in the way of my recovery.

I started tackling my symptoms using NUTRITIONAL THERAPY and I also started working on my own thoughts and how my own thoughts were unknowingly creating barriers for me to progress forward and were triggering some of my problems.

I was grateful for my biochemical knowledge because it made it easier for me to work out which foods were helping me recover and why and which were not.  Over time I created a diet that supported my gut health and suited both my physical and mental needs and I was able to reduce my medication intake.

Once I was strong enough I went on to study further as a Nutritional Therapist in 2015 because I believe that food is more powerful at healing mental ill health and relieving pain than any medication that I’ve tried.

In 2016 I also trained in tapping with Wendy Beresford .  This was the last piece of the jigsaw for me as it helped me gain the knowledge I needed to work on processing some of my own past trauma and release energy blocks within my own body that were holding be back.  I initially went into the training to help boost the effectiveness of the Nutritional Therapy treatment I was providing to clients but I ended helping myself too.

Tapping is such a brilliant technique, that I use everyday to help calm stress, gain energy, resolves fears and become more successful. plus the effects are quick and the technique is safe to use.

When you combine Nutritional Therapy with Tapping the results can be outstanding enabling you to regain health in both the body and the mind. However, either of the two techniques are powerful when used on their own as well.

I’ve always been connected with the mental health services in one way or another, weather it be for myself or other members of my family and I have quite an extensive knowledge when it comes to mental health conditions through personal experience and co running a recovery group for Independence Trust.  I trained in mental health first aid in 2016.  At present I am training to become an expert by experience to work further in the recovery services.